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Fabco Automotive Corporation is a designer, manufacturer, and distributor of drivetrain systems, power transmission gearboxes, and related components serving commercial, industrial, agricultural, and military vehicle markets worldwide. We are a leading supplier of medium- and heavy-duty on- and off-road axles, transfer cases, split-shaft power take off units, auxiliary transmissions, creeper drives, and power dividers to OEM's, specialty truck body builders, truck modification and equipment providers, and other vocational experts. Our products are especially suited for severe-duty, high-mobility, high-torque, all-wheel-drive configurations.  

Fabco Heritage

The F.A.B. Manuacturing Company was organized in December of 1918 and incorporated on February 28, 1919 as a California Corporation.  A manufacturing plant in Oakland, California was acquired to manufacture pumps for handling lubricating oils and other liquids from steel barrels...  Read More

The manufacture of extension truck frames for Ford trucks began in 1919.  Sales were made through the Ford dealer organization in Northern California and Western Nevada.  Extension truck frames and lumber handling equipment were produced for several makes of trucks and the sales territory extended to cover the entire Pacific Coast.

In 1927 the company manufactured a diesel engine, the FABCO Tuxham, under license from Europe.  By then, the company had added tag axle conversions, full trailers, semi-trailers, log trailers, sugar cane harvest trailers, and dump bodies to its product line.  Later, a tandem drive axle unit for trucks was developed and manufactured.  Fire engine and school bus chassis were added to the FABCO vehicle line, along with special lettuce harvesting and packing equipment.  By 1940 sales distribution of FABCO products covered most of the U.S. and Hawaii.

During World War II, tandem drive axle conversion units were built for the U.S. Army for use in airport construction and other uses.  The company was also a prime contractor for the production of barrage ballon winches, fire trucks and trailer-mounted emergency pumper units for the U.S. Army and Navy.

In the early 1950’s the company developed new products including an advanced design front drive axle assembly for special purpose trucks, a lightweight version of the Fabco tandem axles, and complete trucks built for a wide variety of uses.  Fabco designed and built the first yard tractors in 1958, and in 1972 Fabco designed and build the first yard tractors for roll-on roll-off (“Ro-Ro”) method of container and trailer loading.

The company continued to develop its front drive truck components including front drive axle assemblies and transfer cases.  For example, Fabco designed a front drive axle designed for the International Harvester Company’s Unistar – a long haul over-the-highway 4x4 and 4x6 truck tractor.  This was equipped with double cardan technology.  These trucks performed in rigorous mountain region duty, racking up over one million miles of service per vehicle in a fleet of several hundred vehicles.  A hydraulically powered front drive axle for heavy on-off highway service was introduced, particularly aimed at the transit mixer truck market.  

Fabco honed its expertise  in converting heavy duty trucks into all-wheel-drive vehicles offering design flexibility and the first disc brake equipped steerable heavy-duty driving axle manufactured in the U.S.  This product was introduced in 1976 and is still available today.

Specialty vehicles expertise continued to fill Fabco’s product line, including a widetrack missile loading tractor, an eight-wheel steer truck for tunnel washing by the California Division of Highways, a low ground pressue 16-wheel drive emergency vehicle for use by the U.S. Navy in Antarctica, a self-propelled soft-fruit harvesting machine, and other specialty vehicles proved Fabco’s dominance in the specialty vehicle sector.

A complete line of transfer cases was developed to accompany Fabco’s axle offerings, and included innovations such as de-clutchable output shafts, automatic front axle engagement, differentials, high torque capability, proportioning differentials, integral air shift capability, two-piece housings, taper roller bearings, among other engineered features.

Today, Fabco continues its heritage in proven, durable, drivetrain systems with continuously expanded offerings in axles, transfer cases, split shaft power take off units, specialty gearboxes for power transmission, and other innovative product offerings.

Fabco is certified as a Small Business by the U.S. Small Business Administration.