New Research Illustrates the Advantages of the FAT-30

In a Comparative Study, the FAT-30 Auxiliary Transmission Proves its Value

New Research Illustrates the Advantages of the FAT-30

In a study conducted by Johansson & Associates LLC, Fabco’s FAT-30 auxiliary transmission outperformed the Tremec 1750-4C and the Fuller AT-1202 in tests that rated input torque, GCW capabilities, tractive effort, and ratio spread. 


With the Help of Fabco Automotive, A Better Solution for International Truck’s Utility Customers

Introducing the FSD-20A: Heavier Capacity, but with Optimal Ground Clearance and Cab Height

FABCO AUTOMOTIVE, LIVONIA MICHIGAN – Today’s utility companies are beefing up their trucks, adding boom length and lifting capacity to meet the shifting demands of a global industry that is also headed steeply upward. But trucks with larger capacities are heavier so they require more engineering underneath – a trend that’s creating demand for an axle system that offers both capacity and design considerations for ground clearance and cab height.  

Visit Fabco at EUFMC

June 4-7 in Williamsburg, VA | Space 9 in the A/C Tent

Visit Fabco at EUFMC

Fabco will be on hand at this year's Electric Utility Fleet ManagersConference (EUFMC) to discuss its lineup of drivetrain components for the Utility industry. 

A highlight will be the announcement of a new program with Navistar that features an axle that’s rated for 20,000 lb GCW. The assembly is unique due to a revolutionary new design; allowing for optimal ground clearance and lower cab height without sacrificing capacity. 

Please stop by Exhibit 9 in the A/C Tent to learn more about this and other 2017 product innovations offered by Fabco Automotive.

What does Bigge need in order to carry out this 1,300,000 lbs. Heavy Haul?

Four state police escorts, two civilian pilot cars, two mechanic trucks, and the Fabco FAT-30 auxiliary transmission.

What does Bigge need in order to carry out this 1,300,000 lbs. Heavy Haul?

Bigge Crane and Rigging, a premier On - Off Hwy Heavy Haul specialist in the USA, uses the Western Star 6900 Tractors with the Fabco FAT-30 for moving 250,000 lbs. to 1,300,000 lbs. Gross Combination Weights (GCW) on a regular basis.  When the FAT-30 is matched up with today's high horse power and high torque engines, new and more robust automatic transmissions, and increased GCW capable axles; only road-legal single and double sized tractors are needed for today's heavy hauls.

Visit Us at CONEXPO-CON/AGG 2017

Exhibiting in Bronze Hall, Booth B93617

ConExpo Fabco

Fabco Automotive will be participating at this year's CONEXPO event in Las Vegas March 7-11. Key management and engineering staff from both the United States operations and from Europe will be at the stand throughout the event. 

Fabco Automotive and Pacific Gas & Electric, a Continuing Enterprise

Coast Counties Peterbilt in San Leandro, CA announced the provision of 36 of its Peterbilt Model 348 trucks equipped with Fabco Automotive AWD systems, to Pacific Gas & Electric for use in their California operations. The trucks, both 4x4 and 6x6 models, are equipped with Fabco FSD 16A steerable drive axles and Fabco Model TC-237 transfer cases. 

Fabco’s Lighter Weight Components Give TKS Industries an Edge

TKS Industries, Lacombe, AB Canada will use a Fabco Automotive front drive steer axle and transfer case combination on their newly designed “SmartVac”, a medium size hydrovac truck.  The decision was made due to the weight savings, durability, and reliability of Fabco Automotive components.

 SmartVacTruck TKSIndustries

Board of Directors Announcement

Board of Directors Announcement

Gerry Giudici, President and C.E.O. of Fabco Automotive, announced the appointment of two new Directors for Fabco Automotive to serve on the Board of Directors.

Fabco Auxiliary Transmission Now Available for Western Star Trucks

Fabco Auxiliary Transmission Now Available  for Western Star Trucks

Western Star Truck Sales, Inc., announces the availability of the Fabco FAT-30 auxiliary transmission for the 6900XD. The FAT-30 is a stationary shift three-speed and is ideal for extra heavy-duty on- and off-road jobs, such as specialized heavy haul, oil field, mining among many other demanding applications.

Fabco offers 30,000 ft-lbs Auxiliary Transmission

The highest torque rating in the industry

Fabco offers 30,000 ft-lbs Auxiliary Transmission

Fabco's rugged new auxiliary transmission, called the"FAT-30;' provides maximum versatility for on- and off-highway applications. This auxiliary transmission can handle 30,000 ft-lbs of input torque, giving it the highest torque rating in the industry at twice the capacity of other available products. Fabco's FAT-30 is available in both two- and three-speed pneumatically shifted models and can be teamed with both manual and automatic transmissions.

Fabco Split Shaft PTO Specification

Model 500

Fabco Split Shaft PTO Specification

The Fabco Model 500 Split Shaft PTO (SSPTO) is designed for vacuum excavation truck and similar applications that require a highly configurable and easily serviceable SSPTO gear box. The Model 500 SSPTO allows a high horsepower truck engine to drive deck equipment, instead of a costly and heavy auxiliary engine. The Model 500 can provide over a 1000 combinations by utilizing 5 Standard Gear Ratios, SAE A-D pump pads, External Disconnects, Output Flanges, Blanking Plates, and a Hot Shift PTO. Reconfiguring and servicing the Model 500 has been made easy by design and can be performed in vehicle. The precision cast iron housing coupled with the use of ball bearings, straight roller bearings, and high contact ratio spur gears will provide a long service life with easy maintenance.

New Model 180 Transfer Case and Split Shaft PTO

New gearbox family allows customers to expand vehicle capabilities

Fabco Automotive announced the release of the new TC-180 Single Speed Transfer Case and PTO-180 Split Shaft PTO. The new gearbox family allows customers to expand vehicle capabilities without significant design changes necessary to integrate the Fabco product.

Now available: Freewheel Locking Hubs for Fabco Steerable Drive Axles

Improved Drivetrain Efficiency Provides On-Highway Fuel Economy Improvements, Reduced Drivetrain Wear and Tear

Now available: Freewheel Locking Hubs for Fabco Steerable Drive Axles

Freewheel hubs significantly reduce drivetrain parasitic losses in on-highway conditions by stopping internal axle and transfer case components from spinning. Fabco is the only supplier with freewheel hub capability for 10,000 through 16,000 pound steerable drive axles for use in Class 6 through 8 all wheel drive vehicles.